Heavy scientific equipment

Development of several test tanks in the aerospace field, relying on our in-house engineering competencies and our manufacturing know-how.

Major projects:

Vacuum tank – Airbus A380 engine
  • Diameter 6.3 m - length - 12 m
  • Testing of the rotors of the A380 RR jet engines at overspeed
  •  Verification of ingestion capacity following a "chicken gun" bird strike simulation
Thermal vacuum chamber - Satellite - Kazakhstan
  • Diameter 9,2 m
  • Satellite testing  
  • Temperature fluctuation from -160°C to 120°C °
  • Vacuum 10-6 mb
Giant cryostat - ITER nuclear fusion project
  • Dimensions 12 m x 7,5m x 5,5 m
  • Testing of the cryogenic magnets of the Tokamak JT.60
  • Test temperature 4 K
Vacuum chamber - Thales Alenia Space  
  • Testing and validation of on-board power components in satellites


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